Monday, April 10, 2006

some self topical stories

04:00 09/04/2006

i feel better for resisting
i guess i should be proud
i feel nothing
i just want a fucking drink

cans of carlsberg
talking well put shit
while eyeing up the most likey up for it totty
a tune comes on
and we all go mental

no one stands between me and the dance floor
no bar lady too fragile, no nadda
for i am king of the dance floor
my perspiring bare chest, my fellow dancers to see

in a daze i am not aware
talk to some randoms
have a fight? do over me mates
it's all alright cos i'm pissed

in the morning realisation hits
night is mostly a black out
except for the odd cring worthy flash
get up make my apologies

go back to step one and repeat
repeat sleep and repeat

not quite sure what that was supposed to be, i'll leave it there i think.

there's work to be done
by the shit load
wtf are you doing in bed?
i ask and ask but never get answered

i'm just a lazy sod who doesn't realise
what i've got till it's gone
the easter break, your chance
my ticket to next year
i've refunded it for more comfy sleep

a self-confessed retard
can i still make it?
donno, hopefully would mean putting in effort
which i'm not sure i'm willing to do

my options are clear
pass and be content
fail and god knows what

tomorrow will be productive
i will awake in the morning
learning will be done
who in the fuck am i kidding

that is what it is, i think these comments are stupid and pointless.

01:59 10/04/2006

a sweety she is
with a smile and a glance
she's definitely a looker
but what to make of her

no clue what she's about
she might be a bitch
but u know ur talking shit
give her a chance
give yourself a chance

grow some balls, it's not a big deal
she's a girl and ur a boy
let nature do the rest
this is uni, days of ur life
don't regret them
live them

she is rather nice
she could be more
i won't fuck it up
cool calm and relaxed
that'll be me
soba... we'll see


we have lift off
it is taking hold
these people
now they get to see the REAL me

so i said to him...
yeah you know me... hahaha
how you doing!
haven't seen you in ages!

on form i was
an easy going drunkered
then it flipped
and i go a bit potty
and people, these people they re-think
this guy is crazy

wooooo! got my fag, my beer
what more do i need?
help my dangerous friend
you're hanging 50ft in the air

and hours before he went
i'm a changed man
respectable, not dangerous
he said to his all knowing too well friends

what have i learnt?
i can convince myself of the impossible
what a mind eh?
... and i'm a lying fucker
compulsive if u will


gonna get myself drunk
gonna have a good time
gonna do what i do best

welcome the guests, show them around
this is the party
and you will have a good time

what we are is inside you all
odd balls grouped in these walls
ours vices bond us as together
we are addicted to getting shit faced
this is the house of vice

we have our leaders
the ones that get more so than the others
the badger is one
i am another

so the partys in full swing
laughter and randoms
we're in our element
this is very enjoyable

but it can't stop there
people go and the remains
are those who simply want more
coke, pills, drink whatever
and we go on to the late morning
sometimes afternoon
and occasionally the odd evening

but do we feel proud of the night?
glad that we were there?
of what we took and what we said?
god no, we may be fuckheads but we aint stupid

i say that but then what do we do that day
on average the same
sometimes it's a video night
but mostly it's the same


and just so u know i've done fuck all work again today. i just simply can't be arsed, i fear if i don't start tomorrow then
there will truly be no coming back... so we shall see.